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Marmaris - Kizkumu -


-August 2011- Marmaris (Turkey)

A wonderful place to see (;

This 600 meters of coastline is called "Kizkumu" and has a legend. According to the legend, daughter of the Bybassos King, the beautiful princess, goes to the sea for an escape from the pirates. As she doesn't know how to swim, she fills her skirt with sands and tries to pass the cove. She loses her way when it get dark and as she ran out of sand, she drowns. This region "Kizkumu" named after her, meaning "maiden's sand".

Kizkumu  is located on the southwest of Marmaris and 2,5 kilometers away from Turgut, 36 kilometers from Marmaris. 

You will see people walking in the middle of the sea. Please don't be afraid (;  The sandy underwater bottom divides the gulf into 2 parts and you are able to walk along the sea while the depth doesn't increase as you walk far away from the shore. 

Suddenly began to rain was the most beautiful moment of my life (: I had so much fun to walk in the middle of the see. When I walked, I lost my Nikon's cover.

"Kızkumu"nda yürüdüğüm zaman aniden yağan yağmur -sadece "Kızkumu"nda yağdığı an-  hayatımın en güzel ve büyüleyici anıydı. Bir de herkesin gittiği yön yerine derinlere doğru gitmem ve Nikon'un kapağını kaybetmem de başka tabiki..  (= 

Bir sonraki durak Hisarönü

The next Station is "Hisarönü"   

-Orhaniye HISARONU-

-August 2011- Hisaronu (Turkey)

A great place for those who want to find peace (;

Orhaniye is an important tourist place by the Hisaronu Gulf. Yachts anchoring to Hisaronu Gulf always spend their nights in Orhaniye. Orhaniye has a great environment covered with pine forests and nice beaches. The color of the forests reflect to the sea and a wonderful landscape appears. The sea is always very calm in Orhaniye.

Huzur bulmak isteyenler için harika bir yer (; Kesinlikle görülmeye değer.. .

All photos by niLL 

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